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Jyotirmay Kanthal (JK)Co-founder

Jyotirmay Kanthal (JK)


JK, as he is popularly known, co-founded NumeroSeven Technologies Pvt Ltd. He is on a mission now to develop the sexiest mobile commerce platform that can change the day-in life of many households. He is also the co-founder of Unmarketeer, an Integrated Marketing Firm. As the CEO he established a strong presence of Unmarketeer across India and overseas markets. He comes with extensive business consulting experience across the UK and Europe, USA and emerging economies such as Africa and India in the fields of Market Strategy, Business Transformation, Business Growth and Sustainability and Organizational Change Management. In his career, he played various leadership roles for organizations in Services, Utility, FMCG, Manufacturing sectors. JK is a Jadavpur University Computer Science alumnus.

He is a popular speaker on Digitization of Business, Market Strategy, Business Transformation, Business Growth and Sustainability at various forums including SME seminars organized by Govt of West Bengal, various chambers of commerce and Digital India initiatives.

Rimjhim Ray (RJ)


RJ earlier co-founded Unmarketeer. As the COO of Unmarketeer she led strategy and creatives. Prior to co-founding Unmarketeer, RJ was a Business Head at the global advertising major Leo Burnett Group. In her career she has also played leadership roles in product strategy, marketing and sales of global companies such as Tata Communications, TCS, British Telecom, Sony and McGraw Hill. She is a columnist with leading global publications such as PR Moment, UK and Huffington Post.

In 2012 she founded SnootyOwl, an offer discovery platform for F&B at Bangalore which she later exited. SnootyOwl had built a comprehensive database of Bangalore’s leading restros and pubs. She is a visiting faculty of Digital Marketing at SP Jain. She holds an MBA, Marketing from SP Jain, Mumbai, a professional diploma in Marketing from Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK and a bachelor degree in Mathematics from Jadavpur University.

Rimjhim is among the top 30 social media power influencers in India. Follow her on twitter at @GlobeSlother.

Rimjhim Ray (RJ)Co-founder

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