We may talk about the future forever or we can attempt to create it

At Numero Seven we are focusing on tech that can change the future.

NumeroSeven has been founded with a belief that technology can simplify lives and improve living standards across humankind. Ever since it was formed, NumeroSeven has been researching and developing products such as integrated marketplace platforms, mobile marketplace apps, intelligent discovery technology, and community based connected platforms that help improving human lives; that solve everyday problems.

More about NumeroSeven

NumeroSeven has been founded by a team of IIT, SP Jain, JU alumni with a strong global experience in technology, consulting and marketing across manufacturing, services, retail, FMCG and IT sectors. Having worked with leading corporates the co-founders started the entrepreneurial journey in 2014 when they launched Unmarketeer – an integrated marketing firm. The journey continues with NumeroSeven. The team at NumeroSeven gets its strength from rolling the sleeves up and getting things done.

NumeroSeven aims to become a favourite stop for the type-breakers and original thinkers who dare to disrupt. People who fit into certain types, minutely follow instructions without asking a question and want to live a complacent life should stay out of it.


Hyper-connected Marketplace

Tap into the market place of the future equipped with with the power of networks and smart collaboration.

Market place
Virtual money

Cashless World

We are ready to cash out with the latest in mobile payment techniques.

Search in your pocket

The mobile is your getaway to discovering the best things around you.

Connected world

Connected World

So that you are connected on any device you own.

Frapperz™ is your social marketplace of local skills

Hire, offer, share expertise near you

Our team

A Solid Team

Built by a team of IIT and JU grads. Backed by MBAs from premier institutes. The team believes in creating the best products.

Connect Team

Backed by Investors

Our ideas are backed by investors. Who are ready to participate in the future with us.

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Global network

A Global network

Our team has worked across the globe giving us a solid edge in tapping into a global network.

More Details

The co-founders

Jyotirmay Kanthal (JK)Co-founder

Jyotirmay Kanthal (JK)


Jyotirmay Kanthal is the Co-founder, Frapperz. Prior to co-founding Frapperz he co-founded Unmarketeer, a creative digital firm and lead it to a handsome revenue earner. He mentors several organizations and startups. He speaks at several leading institutes, organizations, events and meets. In his career spanning over 15 years he has been in leadership roles in Fortune-500 MNCs across the UK, Europe, Africa and India. JK is an ex-IBMer and an alumnus of Computer Science at Jadavpur University.

JK is a dreamer, a doer who is never ready to settle down with an unturned stone. He loves exploring new places, loves experimenting with his cooking skills. When an explorer, he deep dives into the history. When a doer, he drills down to the root cause. JK’s energy is infectious. He loves connecting with people from different walks of life over coffee.

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Rimjhim Ray (RJ)


Rimjhim is the Co-founder at Frapperz where she tries to figure out product, marketing and technology. She earlier co-founded Unmarketeer– a creative digital marketing firm.

She holds a degree in Computer Science from Jadavpur University and MBA in marketing from SP Jain, Mumbai. She studied MBA at Imperial College London where she dropped out to support her family in a period of medical crisis. Rimjhim was a business head at Leo Burnett group before she quit a promising corporate career and started up.

Rimjhim loves writing, trekking and running marathons. Her debut book has been a Times Book best-seller. She was listed as a ‘Woman of influence’ by Twitter India.

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Rimjhim Ray (RJ)Co-founder

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